Astrid's stugor           

   two holiday cottages in Dalsland   



Our two cottages are situated on the eastern slope of Kroppefjäll.


The big cottage is an old farmhouse. The small one was built in the early nineties. In the barn opposite some of our sheep are housed, when they are not grazing elsewhere. We live on the neighbouring farm.


The farms stand on a mountain ridge between two small valleys. The name of the "village" (only about five houses) is Ed, in the parish of Ör, Nordal, Dalsland – currently the district of Mellerud, Västra Götaland.


Beyond the eastern valley is Borekulle, Örsjön and the Dalbo plain. In the west is Kroppefjäll, a forest massif rather typical of western Sweden, flat on top with bare rocks, bogs and many lakes and tarns.


From the houses we look to the west down on the little river, Stampälven, also called Storån. Two rowing boats are waiting there. The river comes from far away, but rowing you will come only a couple of hundred meters, then there are white waters. About a kilometer upstream is a lake, Höljesjön, where there is also a boat for our guests. Pike and perch are swimming in the river and the lake, but good luck catching them cannot of course be guaranteed.


Gravel roads and forest paths are everywhere for walking and cycling (there are bikes in several sizes for our guests to use)


Vi make use of Novasol for booking and payment and keeping track of when the cottages are available. You wil come directly to our cottages on their website here:


• Big cottage

• Small cottage




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