Astrid's stugor          

   two holiday cottages in Dalsland 



The Paths


Our countryside is sparesely populated, with foothpaths and quiet gravel roads where you can walk or cycle (bikes are available for our guests).


There are paths everywhere in the woods, some marked, some more or less overgrown - bring a compass! If your eyes are adjusted you will see ruins of crofts, stone walls and mounds wherever you go, even far up on Kroppefjäll. They are memories from the 19th century, when every passably even piece of ground was cultivated by a numerous and poor people, many of which later emigrated to America.


Karolinervägen, or Karl XII:s väg is a marked footpath leading from Dals Rostock in the east to Järbo on the west side of Kroppefjäll. The path passes not far from our cottages. After another six kilometers, on top of Kroppefjäll there is a wanderer's lodge.



The year