Astrid's stugor          

   two holiday cottages in Dalsland 



The Waters


The river flows gently down in the valley to the west. At some spots it is as deep as 10 to 12 meters, winding between reeds and water lilies. Two rowing boats are there to give our guest a Wind-in-the-Willows experience.


Höljesjön, a clear forest lake is about a kilometer upstream; there also a rowing boat and pike and pearch are waiting.


Between the lake and the river is a dam for a small power station and a long stretch of white water. It's not possible to use a rowing boat, but the scenery is beautiful - do take a walk! 


If you're after wider waters you can buy a fishing license in the lakes of  Örsjön or Teåkerssjön, about five kilometers away. And of course there is Vänern- 20 kilometers off.



The year